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  • Dave McNary Jun 12, 2018


    Boomerang Productions Media’s Tim Warren and Kelli Joan Bennett and director Vicki Abeles have joined forces for a grassroots screening campaign on behalf of Warren and Bennett’s documentary “High School 9-1-1.”

    Directed by Warren, “High School 9-1-1” depicts a year with Darien EMS-Post 53 — the only emergency medical ambulance service for the 20,000 residents of Darien, Conn. — as it covers a deadly stretch of highway, responds to over 1,500 emergency calls, and is run by high school teenagers.

    Adopting the approach begun with “Race to Nowhere,” Boomerang and Abeles will implement a community and school screening campaign for the film launching in June. The screening events — in schools, churches and community centers across the U.S. and abroad — will be specifically designed to highlight the vast potential of young people and how they can be utilized to fulfill vital needs within any community.

    “High School 9-1-1” grew out of Warren’s personal experience as a member of Darien EMS-Post 53, serving as an EMT and emergency ambulance driver at the age of 16 as well as the organization’s VP of Operations his senior year in high school.

    “When I first saw ‘High School 9-1-1,’ I was moved by the capability and work ethic of the kids running Post 53, and by the trust given them by their school, families, and greater community,” Abeles said. “‘High School 9-1-1’ tells the story of what’s possible when we give students opportunities to do real, meaningful and collaborative work in their communities.

  • IMDB User Reviews Jun 10, 2018

    "Extraordinary, thought provoking and inspiring." "This is a film that simply needs to be seen. Especially by high school students." "Changed my mind about teens."

  • Darien News Dec 21, 2016

    Tim Warren’s days in Post 53 are long since over, but on a recent night at Darien Library, the television producer turned documentary director delivered an ode to his hometown and the singular EMS program of which he was once a member.

  • Darien News Dec 13, 2016

    Post 53 documentary to debut at Darien Library

  • Babble Oct 26, 2016

    This Town’s EMT Services Are Run Entirely by High School Students!

  • Communities Digital News Oct 22, 2016

    High School 9-1-1: World premiere movie at Heartland Film Festival

    Read more at http://www.commdiginews.com/entertainment/high-sch...



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WAR ROOM Podcast with Tim Warren - August 28, 2018

High School 9-1-1 Direct Tim Warren in conversation with the US Army War College's WAR ROOM Editor-In-Chief Andrew A. Hill.

An all-volunteer force depends on the willingness, capabilities, and capacities of a nation’s youth to serve. While much has been made of the paucity of youths who meet the physical and moral qualifications to serve in the military, there are also open questions about the desire of upcoming generations to serve. But what builds that desire, and what roles should older generations play? The film High School 911 tells the story of an emergency medical service in Darien, Connecticut staffed and run entirely by high school students. The results not only include a needed enhancement in a town’s emergency services but also the development of important life skills and empowerment of youth. High School 911 director Tim Warren and WAR ROOM Editor-in-Chief Andrew A. Hill discuss these and other topics related to the development of our future generations.

Tim Warren on WAR ROOM podcast

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New York Film Academy Screening July 17, 2018

We had a wonderful screening and an engaged Q&A after with High School 9-1-1 Director Tim Warren and Producer Kelli Joan Bennett moderated by Tovah Laiter with an amazing group of filmmakers in the making at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles for their High School summer program last night! Thank you to Tovah Laiter, Melissa Enright, Dan Mackler, Alejandra Salinas and the whole NYFA team, and, their amazing students in the audience. A huge thank you and shout out to our incredible team at 42 West Rachel Aberly, Joe Incollingo and Megan Zehmer for making it happen. (And thank you Melinda, Carla and BK for coming!)

NYFA Screening
High School 9-1-1 New York Film Academy Screening Posters
New York Film Academy Screening
Producer Kelli Joan Bennett Signs Posters
New York Film Academy Screening
Producer Kelli Joan Bennett Signs Posters
New York Film Academy Screening
Signed Posters
New York Film Academy Screening
Close-Up Signed Posters

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High School 9-1-1 Wins Emerald Award

NOVEMBER 12, 2017

We are incredibly honored that High School 9-1-1 won the Special Recognition Ken Fitzgerald and Ruby Carr Emerald Award at the Coronado Island Film Festival! It is awarded to films that reminds viewers that each of us can be a force for good in the world. Thank you to the award jurors Nancy McRae and Peter McRae, and Ken Fitzgerald and Ruby Carr for the honor.


April 2, 2017

Boomerang Productions Media is thrilled to announce that High School 9-1-1 is an official selection of the Kansas City Film Festival screening April 7, 2017 at 12:10pm.


FEBRUARY 2, 2017

Boomerang Productions Media is thrilled to announce that High School 9-1-1 has won an Impact DOCS Award. IMPACT DOCS support and promote filmmakers who are making a difference in the critical issues of our times through producing impactful documentaries and who are inspiring and entertaining audiences with their stories. We couldn't be more honored by this recognition.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that High School 9-1-1 will have its world premiere at the Heartland Film Festival October 21st. We hope you can join us! Go to SCREENINGS for more information on dates, times and ticket info.

Heartland Film Festival