High School 9-1-1


What are the steps to host a screening for my organization, company, school, library, or group?

  1. Once you have chosen a date and venue for your event, submit a request here.
  2. We will send you our screening licensing form so you can purchase the rights to show the film and book your screening.
  3. Once you've completed the form, our team will confirm your license and send you a digital screening toolkit, which you will use to plan, promote and post your event online. You will receive a DVD one week prior to your screening.
  4. After your screening, we will ask you to give us feedback on your event and return the DVD.

How much does it cost to host a community screening?

The screening licensing fee for a single community screening – non-admission, non-fundraiser - is $300 plus shipping and handling as well as any online payment processing fees.

The screening licensing fee for a single community screening – with admission fees, fundraiser - is $600 plus shipping and handling as well as any online payment processing fees.

Organizations screening the film are responsible for any costs associated with the local screening venue.

What does the screening license include?

The screening license includes the one-time use of a loaned BluRay or DVD, as well as our digital screening toolkit (event planning guide, discussion guide, and promotional materials).

What if I want to host more than one screening?

If you would like to host multiple screenings, you will need to pay a licensing fee for each screening. If you want to host 3 or more screenings contact us for a bulk discount.

Can the filmmakers come to our screening?

Due to demand, those involved in the film aren't able to attend every screening; however, if you are able to cover speaker fees and travel costs, please contact us at Tim@BoomerangProductionsMedia.com to discuss options.

Can I purchase a copy of the film to keep?

The film is not yet available for individual purchase. To stay tuned on when it will be released, sign up for our mailing list.

Is the film appropriate for all audiences?

The film is appropriate for ages 13 and up. The young first responders/EMTs in the film are ages 13 to 17. We have had parents who feel it is appropriate for children as young as 10 but it is up to individual parents or guardians to determine if children younger than 13 should watch. The film does not contain graphic scenes of blood or gore. Situations depicted in the film include patients in cardiac arrest and patients who do not make it. Additionally, we want to warn you that the film does contain one minor profanity word (b.s.).

How long is the film?

The run time is 86 minutes, so please take that into account as you plan your screening.